📙Mint Funds Distribution

Distribution of minting funds

Below is the distribution for the minting funds:

  • 100% directly to the Orange Financial Treasury for immediate use to begin farming yield

  • 0% for advertising

  • 0% for the team

The team only earns if the Orange Financial treasury earns yield for holders.

None of the funds will be used for advertising. We will not have multiple mints past the max supply. The max supply forever will be 10,000 NFT's.

We will release these NFT's in different groups (2000-3000 at a time)

Once we hit max supply of 10,000 NFT's there will be no more public sales- ever.

The objective is to raise funds for a yield farming portfolio. And return yield from that portfolio to holders.

Absolutely none of the rewards that holders will receive will ever come from minting funds, but profit the treasury made through yield farming. This decision is final and will never change.

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