Treasury Reward Distribution

Distribution of Treasury Rewards
Below is the distribution for the treasury's rewards. (This is how the funds are distributed when the Orange Financial Treasury has farming rewards to give to holders)
The distribution model is a Dynamic fee model. As more nft's are minted, the team fee goe's down, and more is compounded into the treasury. Compounding/Reinvesting is extremely important once there is no new mints entering the project (fully minted) 0-250k: 35% reinvested / 45% to holders / 20% to team
250-500k: 40% reinvested / 45% to holders / 15% to team
500-750k: 45% reinvested / 45% to holders / 10% to team
750k→: 50% reinvested / 45% to to holders / 5% to team

Treasury Re-investment explained:

The treasury must continue to grow- even when market conditions are bad. To continuously ensure the treasury keeps growing we must compound/re-invest 50% or more of treasury rewards, back into the treasury for continuous growth. If we do not, we will slowly but eventually run dry and out of funds.