🔧Installing Metamask & Adding Polygon Network

Learn how to connect your wallet to our app and how to participate in the minting process.

Install the MetaMask Extension

First, you'll start with a fresh and default MetaMask installation from the Chrome store. After downloading, installing, and initializing the extension, follow the Get Started guide. In there, you need to create a wallet, set a password, and store your secret backup phrase (this gives direct access to your funds, so make sure to store these in a secure place).

Create a Wallet

After installing MetaMask, the setup will automatically open a new task with a welcome screen. Click Get Started to begin the setup process.

When prompted, you are given the option to import a wallet using a recovery seed phrase. For this exercise, set up a new wallet.

Adding Polygon to MetaMask

Once you have MetaMask installed and have created or imported an account, you can connect it to Orange Financial by clicking on the network dropdown and selecting Add Network.

Here you can configure MetaMask for the following networks:

Network Name

Polygon Mainnet





Symbol (Optional)


Block Explorer (Optional)


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