🏨Treasury Portfolio Composition

Here you will find information outlining the ideal portfolio composition for the Orange Financial Treasury

Unlike other Treasuries that simply consist of validator pools and nodes, the Orange Financial Treasury will aim to capture every last drop of yield farming in the DeFi space. Our vision revolves around taking risk, and taking on new concepts and visions that other treasuries will not.

The Orange Financial treasury aims to have a 70/30 risk ratio. Meaning 70% of the holdings are considered low to medium risk, and 30% of the holdings are considered high risk

The goal of this ratio is to constantly keep the Orange Financial Treasury exposed to new innovative projects regardless of their current stage in development.

Holdings in the 30% category will be comprised mainly of early stage projects.

Holdings in the 70% category will be comprised of existing yield farms in the top 20 list, and new yield farms with initial backing & funding.

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